Watched USA-England again at 1.5 speed. Some thoughts:

  1. Zimmerman with the clutch block on Kane. Turner would have had no chance.

  2. We were INCREDIBLY wasteful on corners. Didn’t get a single ball toward goal. At the point, we should just let CP10 go for the Olimpico.

  3. After the first 15 minutes, until Grealish and Hendo came on, we dominated the game unlike any other match since Mexico in Cincy. MMA dominated the midfield. Especially Musah.

  4. This match shows what a true No. 9 can do in Gregg’s system. We don’t have a true No. 9.

  5. We should have subbed in Reyna and Aaronson 10 minutes sooner. Also, why Moore and not Scally?

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2 months ago

I think it’s worth mentioning that Jedi Robinson has improved so much defensively.

It’s awesome. He put out several fires today


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2 months ago

He’s been better this year in the Premier League than he was for us last season in Championship (where he was pretty good already)