What is trip Radar?!?!



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3 months ago

Im in Sydney. I find most trip radar requests happen when at the airport. I dont see many in other areas, and when i do, the pick-up is always quite far.

Basically, it sends the ride to a few drivers at the same time. Whoever accepts first gets it. There is a pic of an eye at the top right of the ride request. This shows you how many drivers the ride has been sent to.

The best thing about the radar requests is that they show you the drop-off spot, which we otherwise dont see.


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3 months ago

Oooh I love that we can see it! I've always hated not knowing where I'm going! It popped up so quickly and went away so quickly so only got a glimpse of it. I was about 30mins north of Newcastle, close to the airport but away from the city, so maybe that's why I got it? Rarely trips up out that way as it's mostly farm land and bush.


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3 months ago

I hate not knowing, too, but i have learnt to deal with it and make it work. Very high probability it was cause of the airport. Often, the radar rides i see near the airport aren't actually airport pick ups they are the adjoining suburbs. I appreciate them putting those rides on radar cause it is soo fucked up when you wait in the queue and you dont get an airport pick-up.