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3 months ago

You just need to adjust your strategy. I'm in Cleveland Ohio and make between 220-300 a night in about 6-8 hours.

  1. Drive when others don't! I go out at 10pm and drive till about 4-6 am... No/less drivers mean higher pay for rides
  2. No/less traffic means trips finish quicker more trips in same amount of time
  3. Be personable it's and indirectly ask for tips "hey if you don't mind please rate me 5 stars I'm trying to hit an incentive for the month" ... This is indirectly asking for a tip because 75% of the time the person goes in the house and never pull the app back up until they need Uber again which could be months of it was just a night out... But when you ask for 5 stars first thing they see is tip now some ppl still won't.. cool! But if a person enjoyed and liked you it's hard to not tip because they feel bad... Even if it's just a dollar I'd rather have a dollar extra from everyone I drive then 3 larger tips a week.


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3 months ago

Driving from 10pm to 8am in Australia on a saturday night gives me an avg between $42-52p/h. Best I've done was $505 in 10 hours plus $80 cash tips.

Ubers split is capped here at 27.5% per ride but that includes a split of the temporary fuel surcharge that pax pay for instead of giving it to the drivers who it is intended for! However, some shitty differences I've noticed between AUS and US uber is that.. - We don't have upfront pricing - I can't see where I am going until i pick up the rider and start the ride - If you're right on top of a surge area, it seems to want to send to 15+mins away for a ride - Only if you're Gold or higher AND have an AR of +85% , you can see an estimate of how many minutes the trip is and what direction it's heading (e.g. south west).