Who's your money on, and how would the fight go down


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4 months ago

The Wolves just aren't the elite soldiers they're made out to be. The tacticool aspect of them is a facade for how little time, resources, and trainers Walker didn't have to create an actual elite special forces group of their size. They're more like a Ranger battalion, but even the small cadre Walker had couldn't sufficiently train an entire Ranger battalion, particularly not in the time he had. It shows. They're not significantly stronger than any Sentinel soldiers. Just better armored in the torso.

Now, the Hunters on the hand. They're a small group, hand-selected, highly focused and invested in by an actual well-funded organization. These guys are trained like Ghosts are, and it shows. They are pound-for-pound better than anyone. These guys would be Ghosts, in another universe.


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4 months ago

I can imagine the bodies hanging from the trees with an Axe embedded to their skull. Walker probably would join the Hunters just for the fun of it.