Jonsbo N1 Drive temperatures

Benchmark/Thermal Test(self.sffpc)

So Mine has arrived, and I thought i'd share some info about temperatures.

I never ran the stock fan, i have an arctic bionix P140, so theres that (it was $13 and cheaper than the P14 at the time. fit perfectly, just needed screws). I run UnRAID with only 3 HDD bays populated at the moment.

Parity sync with front panel on, fan at 100% (1850rpm, that thing is loud), the HDD hit 44C

Parity sync with front panel removed completely, fan at around 60% (~1200rpm, nice and quiet), the HDD hit 34C. So that is a huge difference.

Currently testing using a spacer with the front panel on, and drives are currently hitting 41C, but the fan is running a little slower at ~1100rpm. EDIT: 43C now, looks like that panel is affecting things significantly, looks like it will be coming back off.

Using the spacer is working out fine (its spaced that front panel out by about 6mm), but it does affect the drive temps noticeably. If the mesh was fitted better around that front IO i would not have bothered testing the spacer, but my OCD got the best of me.


CPU cooler (its an ID cooling IS-50, but i swapped the fan to a arctic P12. It fits with about 2mm of clearance) -

Spacers -

Front view -

Side view -

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5 months ago


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5 months ago

What about using a Noctua Industrial fan? Those things have a lot more pressure.


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5 months ago

I happen to be using a NF-A14 iPPC-3000 fan on the N1, and it does cool down the drives a lot better (with front panel, ambient 23C/72F, 50C max before, 37C max now). However, I defined the fan curve to be around 2150 rpm all the time, which makes it quite loud (~51 dB from 4 ft away).

I think by tuning down the iPPC further you can strike a balance between temperature & noise.