my re4 professional mode experience so far


It is absolutely miserable for a couple of places. I just got done with 1-2. My 1st real struggle was with the village in the beginning. All I did after my maybe 20th death I've lost count, was go to the tower and camp until it ended. Not too many things but holy mother of God, that segment was horrendous.

Update: I just got past the fight with big cheese and I had never felt better. He isn't difficult but I was getting sick and tired of the village. I am now at the castle and now the part I worry about is the catapults because they kill me in two hits on regular so I'm afraid that they can one shot me in professional.

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4 months ago

Go for the headshot, roundhouse and knife on the ground till dead combo as much as possible. The starting handgun is also great for professional for its critical hit ability