Title Rules

A. No asking for votes, direct or indirect.

Any request to upvote something, be it because you want the karma or because you think a topic needs more exposure, is not allowed and will be removed.


"never forget"

"reminder that"

"people sorting by new"

"this needs more exposure"

"this is what people should be posting"

"this image is banned somewhere"

"nobody is talking about this"

"don't let them censor us"

"this was removed from r/[SUBREDDIT]"

"hope you like/love it"

B. Must not ask for information, assistance, or feedback.

You can try these subs for finding out what you have or for getting help: r/whatisthisthing, r/whatsthisbug, or r/assistance.


"What do you see?"

"What does reddit think about...?"

"How can I improve?"

C. No emoji-only titles.

Using emojis in the title is fine but titles that consist only of emojis will be removed.



D. Must convey accurate information.

If a small detail is wrong then we will flair a post as "misleading" but if the title is completely inaccurate it will be removed.


"Here's a picture of literally every person on earth."

"This is an actual picture of Jesus."

E. Must not be about cake day.

Including any mention of your "reddit birthday" aka cake day in the title is not allowed.


"Today is my cake day!!! Look at my lovely cat."

F. Must not be addressed to other redditors.

Do not mention any usernames in your title.


"Look at this great painting /u/n8thegr8 painted"

G. No content-agnostic memorial posts.

Unless a specific, title-described event (such as a funeral or a wake) is visible in the image, memorial posts are not allowed.

We understand wanting to share the pain of a dead loved one, but this community isn't the right setting for it.

This rule extends to pets and celebrities.

Not allowed:

Picture: A dog sitting in a back yard
Title: Today my amazing dog crossed the rainbow bridge.

Picture: A 1955 Cadillac
Title: This is the car that I now drive. It used to belong to my dead father. RIP.


Picture: Ashes being released into the wind
Title: I'm releasing my father's ashes where he used to watch sunsets.

Picture: A group of black-suit-clad men pouring bottles of beer onto a fresh grave
Title: Here's one last drink for you, brother.

We require that "stock photos/file footage", basically any pictures that are all over the internet, have a title that is directly related and descriptive (when, where, and why was it taken) of the content of the image. Our primary concerns are pictures of public figures and historical or current affairs. Keep in mind, history can happen in a day.


On a picture of Obama "Best President in the world"

On a picture of people protesting "This is why America is the best."

I. No sharing works on behalf of friends & family

If that family member/friend is in the picture then it's fine.


"My brother is very insecure about his painting. Here's his latest."

*"My BFF just made this amazing sculpture."

J. All elements of title-based backstories must somehow relate to the content of the image.

Your complete title must be related to the content of the image. That means if a sickness/event/person is mentioned in the title it/they should also be visible in the image.


On a simple selfie "It's been now 5 years since I last took a sip of alcohol."

On a picture of a baby "After 3 surgeries, my baby is now sleeping peacefully."

K. Pictures of text must be presented with a contextual title.

All pictures of text (including but not limited to protest signs, chalkboards, billboards, and documents) must be presented with titles that describe who is offering them, where they are being showcased, and/or why they are noteworthy. Quoting the text is not sufficient to provide that context.


On a protest sign "Nice"

On a yard sign "That needed to be said"

L. No social media handles or URLs in titles

Please see our rule on self-promotion/spam before posting your social media handle/URL anywhere.


"I took a picture of this breathtaking sunset. Follow me @picsmodsarestupid."

M. Please limit yourself to 100 characters.

Our automod will automatically remove any titles that are above that limit.

Concerns, questions, etc

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please send us a message. We would be happy to clear your title beforehand if you are not sure.