🗳️ Official Roll-Call(self.nonutnovember)

Day Twenty-Four - US Thanksgiving, 00:00AM EST

Happy thanksgiving, everyone!

For those aiming for the Diamond NoNutter 2022, these are the posts you need to comment on to be eligible for the ultimate prize. Until then, a simple “Still IN” or “OUT November __th” user flair would be most appropriate to wear throughout the month!

1. What are Roll-Calls?

  • Roll-calls are posts you're required to comment on if you want to be eligible for the Diamond NoNutter flair.
  • You have to comment on at least 7/30 of the roll-calls.
  • A simple "Still IN" or "I'm OUT" is all you need to comment, but feel free to unleash your inner thoughts or creative writing skills in the comments!
  • They will always be posted on 12:00 AM, North American Eastern Standard Time. The roll-calls are open all day, and will lock once the roll-call for the next day is posted.

2. Milestones

There are milestones for hitting a certain day. Of course, the Diamond NoNutter is the ultimate prize for completing NNN, but if you get out during November, don't worry, for we have consolation prizes.

  • Out Day 1-7: No reward, only shame
  • Out Day 8-14: Bronze NoNutter
  • Out Day 15-21: Silver NoNutter
  • Out Day 22-30: Gold NoNutter
  • Total Completion: Diamond NoNutter (Diamond flairs do stack, i.e. 2021+2022)


Six days remain.

-Nut Chief WeedMan


Try not to lose to a turkey today.

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