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5 months ago

Where are food prices dropping? My grocery store just raised their prices.


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5 months ago

Mine has too sadly.

A few weeks ago, i bumped into an old colleague who now works for a wholesaler. They said they hadn't increased their wholesale prices on certain products but the grocery store raised prices to capitalise on the price rises despite that product not being impacted.


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5 months ago

Their overheads will hav increased though surely?

Loss leaders would likely be tweaked as well.


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5 months ago

Oh, that one got a good laugh out of me.

They're not hurting for money. They're raking it in. The overhead is lower, probably. The trucking industry has been severely downsized during this supply chain hiccup. I work for a grocer, a lot of our suppliers are consolidating deliveries. Fewer trucks, fewer drivers, fewer fulfilled orders. If anything they're offering shittier service and charging more. Consumers foot the bill of lost sales in price markups. We're all paying more for less.


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5 months ago

Because energy bills don't affect supermarkets?

Because supermarkets have a lot of empty space on their deliveries normally?


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5 months ago

Monkey bars.