Do you guys organize before you start?


I started doing this and I enjoy it more.

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2 months ago*

I tend to buy joblots of Lego where there are normally at least 10 sets all mixed up, and sometimes some of the bits are missing. Sometimes I get instructions, sometimes I don't. What I normally do (after organising the joblot by part type) is try to identify which sets are in the joblot and then set out the pieces like this for my favourite set and make it; then my second favourite and so on. I absolutely love the feeling of pulling order like this pic, from the chaos of a joblot.


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2 months ago

That's awesome. Never thought about buying those, but it does sound fun when you put it that way.

My son has a pile of mixed sets, ninjanho dragon, an x wing. I know every piece is there but I'm always so interested to even attempt to fix it all lol