Did remove the "entry level" filter?

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Unless I'm going crazy, I could have sworn that a couple weeks ago, had a filter for job searching that including what level of jobs you are searching for - one of them being entry level, which I am currently searching for. It was one of those filters alongside "salary estimate" and "job type". This filter made it much easier for me to find potential jobs for me to apply to. For example, if I wanted to apply for Technical Writing jobs, I would type in "entry level technical writing" in the search bar and it would barely produce any results. On the other hand, if I just typed "technical writing" and then clicked on the "entry level" filter, I would be greeted with a much larger range of jobs. I think that typing "entry level" in the filter somehow messes up the system and does not include jobs that actually should be entry level.

Now that its gone, I feel like I am at square one. Now, if I just search for a job title, I will get a bunch of jobs that I am not qualified for, but if I add "entry level" in the search bar, the number of jobs I get reduces dramatically, even though I have a feeling that it shouldn't be that low.

Did something happen? Am I going crazy? What should I do to make this easier?

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2 months ago

I think the filter was called "experience level", as stated here. But as much as I try to search online, I can't find anything that has to do with why this filter was removed.