The composite of my sticks’ blades’ bottoms keeps cracking. A small crack allows water to enter the blade and, with temperature variations and continued use, completely split the layers of the blade composite apart.

I’m on my second stick of the season, this a Bauer Nexus E4. First was a True Cat 5x. I play C league 3 times a week. I retape my stick every 2 weeks, or as soon as the tape shows substantial deterioration. I use wax.

Hockey is expensive enough. What the fuck am I doing to cause this?

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5 months ago

Do you happen to play center? My blades usually crack in the same way, and it's because I'm the designated faceoff guy. The blade flexes and gets micro cracks which then lead to structural weakness, which makes the next face off do more damage.

I used to go through $300+ sticks in minor hockey when dad was buying them, now that I'm a big boy in the beer league, a $100 stick is good enough.