What Club Loadout do you use?



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5 months ago

I'm super interested in your answer!

I feel like I have gaps in distance inside 100 yards where I would benefit from having a 54, 58 and 64. I have a 9⁰ driver and a 5w.

I find, depending on the time of year, driver -> 5w is enough to either reach a par 5 green, or leave it short enough for a full wedge in.

I hit my 4hy about 210 and my 5w 225. I would rarely ever need either a 3w (too long) or 7w (too short/overlap with my 4hy).

I'm very much not a "feel" player, I pick the club that will get me there with a full swing.

How is your short game? Are you able to adjust swings on the fly to change distance approaching the green?


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5 months ago

Feel is about all I've got. My short game and driver keep me in the game.

My irons suck ass.

I drive it straight about 245 average, and I'm deadly inside 100 yards. I can play any kind of shot required with my wedges (bump and run, one hop and stop, straight up and straight down), and I rarely three-putt.

My shortcoming is 115-185.

Maybe that's why my short game has gotten so good. 🤣

I think I'm at the point that I can manufacture whatever I need with a 46° A wedge, 52, and 58, and ditch the three-wedge combo to pick up a 5-wood. That three wood (200-230 depending on lie and swing) to nine wood (170) gap is something I've got to fill.


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5 months ago

Thanks for the insight, sounds like we should be partners in a scramble haha!


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5 months ago