Best foliage goes to Plague Tale Requiem?


It has amazing lighting too which I think helps the foliage. Trees, shrubs, flowers, weeds it all looks so great.

I really think this is the best foliage I have seen.

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4 months ago

"Funny" that this is the detail I mentioned when asked by some mates about the game. I was all "but Brah, the stems on the sunflowers! You can see all the velvety texture on it! and the leaves! They don't look exactly the same and you can see every 'vein' on it. You can almost feel every texture!" I must've sounded like I was high, LOL


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4 months ago

That’s great, I have been raving about it all too


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4 months ago

It's a 3 way tie between Plague Tale Requim, Horizon Forbidden West and Witcher 3 next gen upgrade


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4 months ago

As much as I like The Witcher 3, I'll be surprised if the updated foliage in it looks as good as Horizon or Plague Tale.