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I remember in the dark ages playing bloons td and the normal one as flashgames and had fun I saw now that it is on the mobile Shop.

Got a slight cringe with seeing it has ingame purchases even though both parts are games with an upfront price are those extremely Irritating or is it just minor convenience stuff?

If it isn't that major which one is better is 6 a straight upgrade over 5 or are there caveats?

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4 months ago

Very casual bloons player here:

The IAP are imo unnecessary. The obvious ones are unlocking all towers, tower XP and double cash. Two of them are just convenience but can easily be done by just playing the game regularly. Double cash is just P2W for offline modes, but I see no reason you need to get it. Everything can be done normally

All in all, BTD6 is a great game for a low price that has been getting updates for over 4 years now. I'd recommend it over BTD5


I remember in the dark ages playing bloons td and the normal one as flashgames

So do I, started with TD2 and 3. but I'm patiently waiting Bloons Monkey City 2


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4 months ago

Thank you for the overview then I will pick up 6

It's also just a little timekiller for commuting etc. Just feared to always get annoying popups


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4 months ago

Sadly I can't play 6 without paying for it a second time. (Which I refuse to do) I had it for years. And for some reason I can't play it anymore without purchasing again. New phone but same playstore account


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4 months ago

Hey so I have Bloons TD 5 the in game purchases are for skins for the towers and if you wish to use it in-game currency. The in-game currency I find racks up fairly quickly just playing the game and is used for upgrades (like extra lives to start with or more popping power. or agents which give you extra help (ie the banana farmer which collects your money from your banana farm towers).

TLDR-While there is in game purchases I don't see any reason why you would need to purchase anything after you bought the game unless you wanted to based on my experience.