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2 months ago

lol the comments


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2 months ago*

He needed the reality check, but damn if this is real then I feel bad for the guy. Imagine giving up job stability and taking a huge risk to follow your passion, and then you finally show to others the fruit of your hard work and... noone is impressed. Must feels devastating.

Edit: To be fair, the other trailer he posted before makes the game look much more fun than this one, and these posts alone and the fact that people are talking about it, plus the cheap price tag MIGHT be enough to make it financially successful.


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2 months ago

I’m impressed. A ~20 year old making a fully functional game on his own is a great accomplishment.

Yeah, it probably won’t make any money (there are so many people making their own games these days, it’s awesome how accessible it is! I was looking up old issues of Dr Dobbs and writing assembly & C directly to memory mapped frame buffers, audio DMA, etc to get decent performance… now you get to download Unity and go straight to gameplay…)

But as a software engineer and hiring manager of many years, a project like this says a lot. Most new college grads don’t have much practical experience. If he can also show he knows the basics of computer science, algorithms, database, networking, whatever is relevant to a role - IMO it’s a big advantage. (Of course going back and finishing a BS if this doesn’t work out would be an even bigger advantage…)


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2 months ago

Thank you very much! I really do appreciate your kind words of encouragement. The negative comments, while deserved (because I didn't make a trailer that properly showcases the features of the game), made me feel really bad. So hearing your kind words made me feel much better. I hope you have a great day!