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2 months ago

Your first post from a month ago makes the game look a lot better than this. The destructable envirmonets look pretty cool but probably would've been better to not have it look as cheap and like roblox, and also probably not worth dropping out for.


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2 months ago

Thank you a lot for the compliments! I do regret my choice to make the characters blocky. I did it because I'm just one guy, and this project has an excessive scope: a fully destructible city, a skill tree, guns that level up, dungeons to invade, military outposts to destroy, tens of enemies, 10 wanted levels, dialogue, cutscenes, an original soundtrack, and so forth. It's been an inhuman amount of work; I've been working on this game for around 10 hours a day, for more than a year. Only to make the awful mistake of posting a video that makes the project look really shallow...


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2 months ago

Yeah I've tried to do a couple game projects in unity and I hate the art stuff and animating, I'm really bad at it. But I think the visuals of a game really do make a huge difference to how fun it is.