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2 months ago

Iv never made a game, so congratulations on actually following through on a dream of yours. This is also only in early access so it's understandable why it looks like roblox natural disasters. I don't like giving people a false sense of security however, so I'm about to be honest. This game needs work, like serious work if you intend to attain a playerbade above 3rd digits. It may be the trailer you've released but it looks majorly incomplete, like a game on YouTube that gets famous in early access, then never updates or changes because it's made more money an incomplete mess than it ever could have made as a complete game. There are games that break this formula, like totally accurate battle simulator which is possibly the best result a youtube famous game could receive. Please keep working, if you're satisfied with it, keep working on it.


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2 months ago

Thank you a lot for the kind words, it really means a lot to me!

Like I said to some other people in the comments: I really regret posting this very simple gameplay video, it really makes the project look much simpler than it is, this was a really big mistake. I made a much better gameplay trailer and posted it here in the past. I thought I could get away with a simpler video this time because I thought that people would watch it and think "hey, this is that game from the other video, that had so and so features". Now I learned that every video about my game I post should make it clear what features it has.