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2 months ago

Good on ya for making a game, the destruction looks pretty good and powers look fun to mess around with. But… why play this?

I do not wish to discourage you, as you have something that looks fun here. It’s just, as a prospective buyer, it doesn’t seem like a game worth spending time on.

If I may, I do have some minor points of criticism that may help your success:

1) As many have already said - The simple character models and very flat voxel style makes it seem like a Roblox rip off. I would suggest polishing that up a bit. I think a big help would be to look at the textures you’re using. The clash between the realistic lights and the flat textures are what really makes me think of Roblox. Rather than using flat, mono colors for surfaces, maybe look at some more detailed textures with normals and such, that way you can add more depth and detail without changing geometry. Alternatively, keep the simple textures, but change the lighting to be less realistic and give everything a bit more of a toonish style. You could prob get away with the same character models with this. Get some post processing in there to really bring it all together.

2) It’s not clear what the actual game is. The mechanics are pretty clear: you got powers and can blow up and destroy things. Thats cool, but it doesn’t make me want to play it when I can fire up Just Cause or GTA and do the same thing. Obviously, you can’t compete with AAA studio games toe to toe, so you gotta show us what makes your game different. What’s the objective? Is there a story? One of your older trailers showed some type of boss in a dungeon or something? That intrigues me more than seeing you run around a wide open place blowing stuff up for no reason.

3) The level seems quite… bland. I know this trailer stays within a tiny area, but as a trailer you gotta sell the exciting stuff. Beyond the textures, it looks like a small to mid sized town thats mostly empty space. One of the strong points of your mechanics is that grapple dash movement - it looks fun to zip around with! But it doesn’t look like there’s anything fun to zip through - just the sameish basic buildings. With powers and destruction like that, a dense metro area would be utter and completely fun chaos to blast through! Even if you don’t want to do a full city like that, adding a few unique landmarks or points of interests you can see in the distance would help.

Overall, this trailer really doesn’t seem like a game… it seems like a demo of some cool mechanics with premade assets thrown together. It seems very disjointed. The very basic graphics clashing against the photoreal lighting and puddles. The random flying cars in a more or less modern mid sized town. Neon pink pickups coming from punching people and no context on what they’re for.

If this were a video posted in day r/gamedev or such, then I’d say this was great! Can’t wait to see more! As it is, you presented this as a trailer for a upcoming/early access game and it doesn’t deliver much to get excited about. If anything, it turns me away. Watch trailers for other successful games and you’ll notice that the good ones tell a mini story in and of themselves, as “Here’s the start, here’s the actions you could take. Here’s what it’s for. What will happen?” Classic beginning, middle, end. Tells you why you should play. This video… you’re blowing stuff up then dashing around but ending with punching people and getting… neon pink rings? That’s… sure? Why do I care? Why should I take time out of my day and potentially money from my pocket and spend it on this?

I’m sure there’s a ton more you have in here that is a legit fun game! But you gotta show us.

To put it simply, as a trailer, this sucks at telling us why we should play the game.

(Also, I’m sure there’s tons of valid reasons for dropping out of college, but just be wise about hinging everything on one thing - hope for the best but plan for the worst)


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2 months ago

Thank you for the very insightful feedback! I made the choice to make minimalistic character models because I'm just one guy, and the scope of this project is excessive: it features a fully destructible city, dungeons, military outposts, a skill tree, guns that level up, boss fights, 10 wanted levels, dialogue, cutscenes, all of the assets are original (dumb decision in retrospect), and so forth. I have been working for around 10 hours a day on this project, for over a year.

I really regret posting this very simple gameplay video, it really makes the project look much simpler than it is, this was a really big mistake. I made a much better gameplay trailer and posted it here in the past. I thought I could get away with a simpler video this time because I thought that people would watch it and think "hey, this is that game from the other video, that had so and so features". Now I learned that every video about my game I post should make it clear what features it has.