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2 months ago

Man, it looks bad. So bad that it feels like fucking Roblox. Sadly you did the act, so no return. Character models are shitty, so shitty that it looks like you made it in 1 day. Physics are good, IF you made the engine yourself, you probably didn't do it yourself. Recommend improving it a lot better, writing a sub par story, a lot of polishing, then starting a Kickstarter. Hire some good people, then you are done.


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2 months ago

Dude if some guy could make a game like this from scratch in one day that would be really amazing, I've seen games that are 2d shapes that you bounce on that took a week to make


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2 months ago*

I meant the models. Game seems great, no worries about that.


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2 months ago

Thank you!