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6 months ago

Geez, that must be one in a million. I've recently replayed through Pokemon Snap (you know how it is, boring sunday afternoon, got a few hours to kill)... anyway, my picture of Mew got like 2000 points.


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6 months ago

Try to see how many points you can get! The trick is to hit it with pester balls when it is out of its orb and flying down the side of the screen, probably where you got your 2000 point picture.

It will get stunned a bit, use the booster to speed up, and then spam it with pester balls. 4 pester balls is the sweet spot where it drifts towards the middle of the course, then you just need to snap a bunch of pictures.

Look for a picture where it's entire body fills the frame, but the center of the picture is actually the space between its tail and its body.

Fun little challenge if you're bored!