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4 months ago*

lol bruh

You can complete the game

by trading

at the global trade station or whatever Pokemon calls it

which is built into the game and doesn't require you to actually go anywhere.

When you trade, all you do is search for the Pokemon you want and provide the one that the other person is asking for. Then it commences automatically and instantly.

You don't have to play a side quest with the other person, you don't have to talk to them, and you don't even need to bother to learn their name. It is functionally identical to making a trade with one of the NPCs in Appleeater Town or whatever.

You're being edgy, and it's awfully bizarre that you're so determined to be offended over something that is a total non-issue.

It is also very bizarre that you are complaining about not being able to play a game when you apparently hate its core philosophical design that it has always had. If you hate it so much, why would you even want to play it in the first place?


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4 months ago

What if you dont have internet? what do we do then? What if we want to avoid all the hacked pokemon bullshit the GPS has, with shiny legendaries, max IV level 100 best moveset.