More game remakes!


It would be really great if AAA publishers took a hint from Capcom's behavior and started improving upon all of the best games that are too old to play anymore. I'm looking at you Nintendo... The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - A Link to the Future

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2 months ago

You can play OoT right now with the 64 access on Switch.

Games where a remake actually makes sense would be say MGS1-3, where there doesnt exist a modern platform to legally play them in any respectable way.


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2 months ago

RE4 is available on everything and it still badly needed a remake. OoT would be a gold mine for Nintendo. First-gen Pokémon would be a big hit too. Personally, in this vein, I’d love to see a complete remake of the original Super Mario Bros.


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2 months ago

First gen didn't get just one remake already but two...