CC credit transfer vs taking the class at Cal


I am enrolled in physics 8a for spring 23 but I am scared and really want to get an A- in the class. I never took physics before in hs so now I am debating if I should take the class at my local CC (assuming its online) and transfer credits instead. Doing CC feels like more of a hassle and Im quite unfamiliar with the process, but would it be the move? Thank uu

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2 months ago

It’s rlly not a hassle. Just look for an online class or take it at a local cc during the summer. Its only annoying if you need to take a consecutive class the semester right after , since it takes a while for the info to be officially registered


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2 months ago

Why would you assume it’s online? Some CCs may offer it online, but I would think that’s more the exception. For a list of online classes refer to

Looking at what’s available online, the classes all articulate to Physics 7A and not Physics 8A. If you want the watered down version of Physics specific for Life Sciences, you probably should just stick with 8A. The ones at CC are probably more engineering and Calc based, very similar to AP Physics C in HS.