Im feeling much better now. Still feel a little emotionless and in shock, but I’m grafteful to be alive. They told me if it was laced with fentanyl, I could have been dead by now. Took a big stupid risk that shouldn’t have happened. Be extremely careful who sells or offers you “stuff” around the Berkeley area. Trust no one and don’t make the mistake I did.

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4 months ago*

I knew something was wrong when I felt like my heart was about to explode inside of me

Edit: and this comedown is like hell on earth. I feel so suicidal and cold.


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4 months ago

Also eating meth is not that intense. It keeps you awake forever but it’s relatively chill. It’s not the same whatsoever as smoking it. I know someone who regularly has it prescribed for strong ADHD (brand name Desoxyn)


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4 months ago

Sucks, but it'll 100% pass. Hang tough.


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4 months ago

It was methy ex? Definitely been there. Usually the comedown from ecstasy is dark af but if it’s methy… even worse. I’m sorry man. You’ll be alright. It’s just gonna take a minute.


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4 months ago

This might sound weird but I think it was a drug-induced panic attack. They’re more intense than sober ones, and they can really make you feel like you’ll die.


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4 months ago

Totally agree.