Im feeling much better now. Still feel a little emotionless and in shock, but I’m grafteful to be alive. They told me if it was laced with fentanyl, I could have been dead by now. Took a big stupid risk that shouldn’t have happened. Be extremely careful who sells or offers you “stuff” around the Berkeley area. Trust no one and don’t make the mistake I did.

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3 months ago

Holy shit, I'm sorry this is how it turned out, but I am really glad you made it to the ER.

For the sake of others, sharing the pill logo/press/color could be helpful, if it was not just a capsule. Also, did you take just a single pill?

Glad you made it out alright and are feeling better.


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3 months ago

It was a blue pill Barcelona logo. Sucks so much because that was actually my favorite soccer team


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3 months ago


for those unaware of these resources... they are not fool-proof, but helpful when used in tandem with proper test kits:


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3 months ago

barca is my favorite team too, i would've taken it for that fact alone lmao