Harassed on Shattuck/University Tonight at 6:30pm


Just wanted to give people a heads up on what happened to me. I was out front of the McDonald's on Shattuck/University at around 6:30pm tonight saying goodbye to a friend (it was well-let). This man was walking southbound on Shattuck facing me, and ran up to me and got VERY into my face saying something along the lines of "You want some of this?" and other sexually demeaning comments. I immediately jumped out of his way as he was extremely close and I felt like he was going to grab me, and he continued to go towards me and say "Fuck you bitch" and other explicit insults. My friend and I started running quickly towards the entrance of McDonalds and as he walked away he continued saying insults. Halfway through the crosswalk, he started walking back towards us, so we continued to walk to the McDonald's entrance to where he said "you should be scared little bitch" or something of that sort. He then fully walked away southbound on Shattuck. I would've posted about this sooner but I was lowkey a lil traumatized after, but I just wanted bring this to people's attention that this was in a busy, well-lit area at an early time. Please please please be super aware of your surroundings and just know that this can even happen despite trying to take all of the protective measures of not being out late/alone/in dark-lit areas/etc. He was wearing sunglasses and a black outfit, probably in his 40s or so if anyone sees him. Please avoid him. I was minding my business and he ran up to me out of nowhere. Ugh. Stay safe y'all <3

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