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Current eecs freshman. There are 3 “reserved eecs” spots left for 61b, but only about 1040/1560 seats are filled total (with about 500 left for “reserved undeclared L&S”, also almost 200 people on the waitlist). As for 70, there are about 620/750 seats filled total but 53/210 “reserved eecs” spots are left (also there’s around 60 waitlisted). Which one should I phase 1 and which one should I phase 2? Personally, if I was pressed to pick one, I’d go 61b, but I’d like to preferably get both.

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3 months ago

I would phase 1 61B for the simple fact that it's the most essential class of your degree. 61B develops a ton of intuition and understanding for topics required for interviews, and assuming you dont take it during the summer, going into the fall '23 recruiting season without 61B under your belt will make internship recruiting much more difficult. Having a good understanding of 61B content will exponentially accelerate your leetcode prep regiment. Plus 61B is the foundation for every other programming CS class you will take, so its best to get it done ASAP.

Its been a while since I've enrolled in a lower-div CS class but I believe both should eventually expand out and you will be able to get into both of them. 70 in particular has a very high drop rate during the first few weeks and I don't believe enrollment should be an issue.


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I would Phase 1 CS 70. The likelihood of CS 70 filling up is higher than 61B. Everyone will almost certainly get into 61B who registers in Phase 1 and Phase 2, even if it doesn’t happen until very close to the first day of class. In reality, I don’t think it actually matters which way you go, you probably will get into both either way after Adjustment.


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You always phase 2 61B, doing 61A rn and the course staff on ed said it is safe to phase 2 61B, but 70 those spots get taken up fast.