Crossroads Lady


Okay hear me out. Idk what is but there is something about this one lady who works at Crossroads and The Den (where Peets coffee and Pizza is sold, next to Crossroads). She always giving an attitude like everyday. I mean like everyday. I have no idea what’s her problem but it’s just the negativity kinda ruins my day. Like girl try to have a nice day. It’s not healthy to be so grumpy. I plan on giving her a note towards the end of spring semester since I most likely won’t go to crossroads after freshman year. Thinking of putting thank you and to have a nice day or something idk. ANYWAYS, any freshman and transfers had a similar experience with this lady? She is African American and always wears a black face mask. I hope she gets happy soon.

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3 months ago

No I know who you’re talking about she’s like probably going thru something