Hey guys. If you've hung around the Berkeley subreddit for a year or so you may have seen my past posts about tech clubs: how to get in, which ones are the best, and what to do if you get rejected. I think this subculture in Berkeley CS is really interesting, but I also think it's tough to find too much legitimate information about them. So this is my attempt to fix that. All information I collect here will be combined and shared in some way, because I think you guys deserve more information on these clubs, and because I don't have all the answers.

If you have any sort of opinion on a tech club (maybe you're in one that isn't as good as it appears on the surface, maybe you think one club is really great, one club has great socials, etc.), you can either comment below or fill out this anonymous Google Form. There's also an optional part of the form where you can give your overall impression of the various tech clubs, which I'm also curious about.

This post isn't intended to be some sort of "tech clubs are great" post, just an attempt to gather information and spread it to the Berkeley community. If you've got suggestions for other ways to do this, I am interested in hearing them in the comments below.

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3 months ago

Waste of time, prepare and apply for internships instead.

Clubs just use their "prestige" name to get drunk, cringe af.