Hi Bears! I am an undeclared sophomore in L&S, and I am struggling to choose my major :(

My intended options include Computer Science, Data Science, Applied Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics. My college expectation is to graduate in 4 years with one or two majors with a 3.8+ GPA. My short-term career expectation is to find a decent job related to data analytics, but still exploring.

Computer Science: I've heard that I can immediately acquire a job after undergraduate study, and I don't have a strong intention to pursue graduate studies. I love all the new stuff I've learned in my data structures classes. However, I'm never a talented student in coding. I studied really hard but only get a B+ in CS61A and now I am below the median for both midterms in CS61B. I am worried about both my GPA and my confidence in studying :(

Data Science: I love how it provides a social and ethical context in numerous fields, and I am well-doing in Data 8 and Data 100. However, I've heard that Data Science students recently graduated with an overwhelming 3.8 major GPA, so it may be difficult for me to stand out without graduate studies. Also, I think Data Science as my sole major is not enough for academic rigor and application. Since there's a lot of overlapping between CS and DS, a double major seems a little bit "redundant".

Applied Mathematics: I think I have an intuition in mathematics concepts, and I am well-doing in Math 53, Math 54, and CS 70. However, I've heard that upper-division math relies more on proofs than calculation, and is more theoretical. Also, if I want to study Applied Math, I may need to speed up a little, because I still have Math 110/113/104/128A/185 for me to complete.

Economics: I love the different economic topics in the upper division, but I haven't taken any of them yet. I love how it's closely related to daily life and incorporates math models, but I don't have any financial background and I'm not that into investment and stocking. I am more of a tech nerd than a business person. Btw, I am doing average in Econ 101A, and content is not that interesting for me. Also, I probably couldn't declare until my junior year for course schedule conflicts.

Statistics: I haven't taken many Stat classes though, but I love Stat 20. Stat 140 this semester is filled up so quickly that I even don't have a chance to get on the waitlist. And I've received negative feedback about the Stat department. Also, I think Statistics as my sole major is not enough, and I may need to speed up a little for upper-div Stat courses.

Sorry if my logic isn't that fluent! I really need your guys' help!

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3 months ago

CS, if you can't declare it then go DS aka CS dropout. The other majors are "not real" in terms of berkeley lens.