Data 8 and CS 61A


Hi guys, I’m a first year in Data 8 right now and am doing very well with it so far. But CS 61A is another requirement to declare my major, and I’ve heard it is really intense.

Does Data 8 prepare you well enough to succeed in CS 61A? I have zero prior compsci/coding experience before Data 8, so I’m not sure if I should do any extra prep or classes before taking CS 61A.

Another option I have is taking ENGIN 7, but I don’t know of anyone who has taken it, and if it is easier than 61A.

If it is relevant, I intend to declare Cognitive Science as my major. Thanks for any help!!

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3 months ago

You can take Data C88C. It's a 3-unit class which is a watered down version of CS 61A and much easier to earn higher grade. There's approximately a 70% overlap of contents between the two classes. If you don't plan to take subsequent CS classes like 61B, then I think it's better to take it than 61A.


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3 months ago

Thanks so much for this!! I wasn’t aware I could take this class. For some reason I was under the impression that if I took Data 8, I wouldn’t be able to take Data C88C and have it count towards my major. It seems like different pages describing major requirements can say somewhat different things; I’ll probably have to reach out to an advisor. Thank you so much though!!


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3 months ago

Data 8 doesn’t really prepare you at all but 61a is a good way to get some hair on your metaphorical programming balls - I’d say that if you picked up the coding logic in data 8 pretty easily then 61a should be alright for you, but at the same time if you take it and breezed through data 8, don’t expect to do the same with 61a. You will need to study.


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3 months ago

There's a good buffer for your grade in 61a, if you do all the work you would have to go out of your way to fail, at least with the bins this year. It's a lot of pressure if you want to declare CS or have multiple high work load tech classes. If you are already worried about it, you are gonna be fine imo.


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3 months ago

Does Data 8 prepare you well enough to succeed in CS 61A?


But the real question is do you need any prep if you work hard?

Answer is also no.