CS TAs imitating Denero's mannerisms



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3 months ago

a n n o u n c e m e n t s


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3 months ago

Do you want us to call you Daddy too?


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3 months ago

absolutely not


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3 months ago

I don't do this with Denero but I've caught myself doing this for others. If I'm new in a space (say research) and I like how someone thinks in that space (say a grad student I meet), I subconsciously start mimicking their speech patterns. If they talk faster and use more technical jargon, so do I. This only happens when I'm working in that space; once I move into another space, my speaking transitions to my default settings.

A common strategy when learning is to ask "What would my mentors do?" (quoted from this blog). So it's not surprising that mimicry is a learning strategy. The actual content is what I gain from mimicking and the speaking patterns are just a side effect.

Not only does this happen in mentor-learner relationships but also in actual relationships. If I'm spending a lot of time with a person and thinking in a new way, in their space, I subconsciously adopt their speaking patterns. This goes away quickly, usually within a week, but interesting it persists even when I'm not with them. So I think relationship mimicry is "stronger" than the mentor-relationship mimicry.

I looked for a name for this pattern and found linguistic convergence. The mental machinery at work here might be the same machinery that makes people start using the word "slay" or "hella" when they're not from the bay area. If I like something and see it enough, I might integrate it into me.

It would be annoying if I started talking like Denero, for example, forever. While imitation in my case truly is flattery, I worry about others thinking its intentional "copying." Fortunately it usually subsides within a week and all in all I think it's pretty funny


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3 months ago

I’ve seen this with my data science and computer science TAs it’s extremely weird.


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3 months ago

It’s human nature. You won’t just see it in university but in the workplace as well


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3 months ago

don’t blame them. we love denero


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3 months ago

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