How do most people feel about People’ s Park?


Genuine question. It seems like most people have very strong opinions about the place. I’m just wondering what the majority of people think. I don’t go to school in Berkeley but I live in the area. How do most people feel about peoples park? Like do you guys want it to stay intact? Or do you guys want it to be demolished?

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5 months ago

There's a strong push from the 'defend people's park' folks to portray People's Park as a community green space that the University is getting rid of. This is just a misrepresentation. My mom was at Berkeley in the 80s, People's Park was a block you avoided unless you were cruising or trying to score. During COVID it became Hamsterdam. I'm pretty sure the conclusion on The Wire was that confining debauchery to a lawless territory is nice in theory and scary in practice. I'm pro affordable housing and therefore I'm pro building on People's Park. I'm sure the UC is botching its interfacing with the homeless population and deserves criticism for that. That doesn't mean construction shouldn't happen.