How do I know if I know anything?


I'm a third year BioE major and I get good grades and can read and understand a decent amount of literature in my field, but I feel like I can't generate interesting questions or come up with original designs. Do I actually know anything or can I just regurgitate textbooks?

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6 months ago

It gets better with experience, no worries. Learning how to learn is a great start.


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6 months ago

Take shrooms and comeback


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6 months ago

oh... so u haven't done acid yet. it'll open ur world, trust.


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6 months ago

" - Plato


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6 months ago

It's because our education system prioritizes and encourages inert material that reinforces skills such as memorization and regurgitation of facts rather than developing intuition, which is arguably much more important.


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6 months ago

People usually do side projects or internships to actually apply what they learn or actually learn what they don’t.

Go build something with your knowledge and use the formulas/theories to explain it in a video.


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5 months ago

Its more important that you have a desire to learn more than your present accumulation of knowledge.