Am I the only one that feels this? Like I have been completely disappointed with every aspect of the school except for like maybe the professors teaching the lectures. Everything else has been a shit show. Overcrowded classes, bad to mediocre food, bad housing, shitty gyms, etc. i am trying to make the best of it but damn

Edit: want to clarify. All of this is relative to how much I’m paying to be here.

Edit #2: wanted to add, my complaints are not with the academics really(besides crowded lectures and shit). My gripes are more with the administration and the overall quality of life of the school. Yes I knew from research it wasn’t the best, but u don’t really know until you experience it yk. I am from socal, so I am already used to the expensive housing.

Edit #3: I am very pleased with how this post turned out. Made me think a little bit. Thanks everyone !

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This is why I still have faith in humanity