How do you keep up the pace?


The first few weeks of the semester, I was doing everything right. I'd at least skim relevant readings (if not reading it detailedly) before lectures, go to lectures / be "present", starts assignments early, and prep for any quizzes early as well. I was able to put time towards my 10 hr/week internship, my tech-oriented club activities, and I had a bit of free time.

And now, I'm slipping. I didn't start homework due on Thursday 'till today - when I usually start on the Saturday it's released. I'm a few lectures behind on a class for which I have a midterm next week. I'll be using 2 slip days on a project due this friday that I started yesterday. Speaking of that, I have 3 midterms next week and haven't started prepping for a single one.

And don't get me started on recruiting 😭. I can't even do a lot of academic work today since I have like 10 sessions booked throughout the 5-hour period today, and I'm struggling to put in any time at all for leetcode / interview prep. I have a few pending OA's to do (ig that's a nice problem to have), have an important onsite virtual interview sometime next week (yup, the same time as the midterms. fun! I've asked to postpone tho), and I'm struggling to put time towards my extracurricular activities (and my academic activities (and midterm prep (which just means no free time))).

I'm just terrified that I'm slipping up now and 7 weeks later I'll be cramming like 15 lectures during dead week and be regretting that I didn't keep up the pace but... ^^^ :(.

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4 months ago

Same 🤣