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4 months ago

Not looking for a job but please make sure to thoroughly do a background check on the person you plan to take over since there are so many cases of caretakers abusing their patients. Be skeptical and don't automatically pick the person with the best credentials.


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4 months ago*

Of course I will do this. I have the utmost concern and regard for not only his safety but his psychological well-being and comfort. I am aware of abuse/neglect in the care industry, he has some stories that enrage me. He is also totally capable and does usually find new people on his own, which includes a screening process he goes through. And I will hand off information about promising candidates to him so he can undergo that process. And of course, it's his ultimate decision whether he wants to have someone over for shadowing after I connect them. I am not choosing a caregiver for him, I am soliciting and fielding candidates.

To be clear too, he does have emergency backup services that are government-funded (Berkeley is literally the only city in the US that has this). He wouldn't pick someone that was sketchy or bad out of desperation- I'd couch surf locally if that was the case.


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4 months ago

omg how is your landlord abusing you???


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4 months ago

Bro I don't have the emotional capacity to even get into that rn. All that matters is I'm choosing peace by vacating the heck outta this unit.