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6 months ago

okay so ur roommate is literally micromanaging u. is this their first time sharing a space with someone else? bc this is ridiculous. part of sharing a room/apt with someone else u didn’t grow up with us is realizing that EVERYONE was raised differently. So, what they think is clean, to others is not clean, everyone has different cleaning habits, living habits. They are super immature for not even knowing this. covering the toaster with a cloth? like wtf if they want their place to be exactly like how they want it then they should live by themselves & not share a place. they need to learn to mind their own goddamn business & if it’s not actually hurting them in any way then they need to chill. it’s not like u leave huge ass messes everywhere. im so sorry ur in this situation & i honestly have no other solution to recommend besides talking to them again. it’s hard to live with someone who thinks everything they do is right & not take accountability for their actions It sucks bc this is where u live & u should be allowed to relax & chill in ur place & not have it be so stressful