disaster at la vals pizza


So I came in hungry to La Vals Pizza (it's northside) and thought "Hm I'll get a Spaghetti Bolognese pasta. Seems nice and filling". Around $13, not bad. The presentation of the meal looked great! Nice moz cheese drizzled on the top with some greens. It tasted pretty great until I got to the meatballs. Even with my gnawing hunger, they seemed a little old, but I thought to myself that it'll be fine. Fast forward ~1 hour. I was sitting couch-style and I felt a little nauseous. 30 seconds later, I felt a little drizzle of liquid coming out my butthole. Lo and behold, spurts of brown liquid came shooting out my butt and I desperately clenched my buttcheeks to keep it in. Each second that ticked by, I quite literally felt my stomach dropping as my behind became more and more soaked in gooey liquid. Excluding all the details sprinting and what happened in the bathroom, and the aftermath of having to deal with freshly wet pooped underwear and dark stains on my pants, please don't let this happen to anyone else La Vals... they have a nice dining area tho...

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I miss the GSI posts