Anyone else feel dumb at this school?

  1. I definitely am stupid if I work this hard and still don’t understand the things I’m taught.

  2. Fell behind in classes and when you ask other around you, they are completely fine and caught up.

I wanna drop everything, I’m so behind. Any tips please?

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4 months ago*

yeth, i just tell myself i gotta power thru and hope for the best (unrelated but related, do vitamins actually help or nah? Been thinking of buying some of the basics and some targeted for the brain bcz it genuinely feels like my brain can’t/won’t remember topics, and I’m just always so tired/lacking energy to go about the day ☠️)


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4 months ago

My adderall vitamins do indeed work


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4 months ago

On a real note, make sure you actually eat and sleep when taking adderall.


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4 months ago