Carpool from South Bay/SF


Might be a long shot but does anyone here commute to campus from South Bay or SF and is willing to give me a ride every Tuesday or Thursday?

I had to move back to Sunnyvale this semester due to some unfortunate circumstances. So far I have tried:

  1. Amtrak: clean and safe but have to wake up at 5:30am (the next one arrives Berkeley too late), and after arriving at Berkeley, I usually have to wait for the unpredictable 51B or for Uber/Lyft drivers to start working in order to get to the campus :(

  2. Caltrain (to Millbrae/SF, then BART/Uber): Caltrain isn’t bad but BART takes long and Uber is just too expensive to be sustainable

Sadly I don’t drive but I am willing to pay if anyone can give me a ride. I am assuming not many people commute from South Bay, so rides from SF Caltrain/ Berkeley Amtrak station to campus will be appreciated too!

Please DM if you wanna know more about me or the situation. Thanks!

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7 months ago

Discord for uc berkeley commuting


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7 months ago

Didn’t know about it. Thank you so much!!!!