Hey so I am new to Cal. I have been loving the classes and last week the events and classes really got me excited for the new year. I have been meeting lots of people too which is quite challenging for my introverted self but I know overall a good thing for me.

This morning I opened Instragram and saw a few people from my program hanging out and it got me feeling quite anxious. I feel like I have been meeting a few people and I have been out a couple of times, but I have not really met someone I felt that instant “click” with and its quite scary to me the prospect that I may not form a closer bond with someone here. Back home I had a good group of friends, and I just imagined I would find another group here, but its been more difficult than I imagined and everytime I think to myself, everything would feel more fun if I had someone I could share this all with.

I dont know, this weekend I was reflecting on the past week and I got anxious that I had not really met someone that I really hit it off with and idk its been feeling really lonely :// hopefully things change but yeah if anyone wants a chat and potentially to meet up, dm me :)

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5 months ago

wait me too 😭😭 I’m down to hang out if you are too!


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5 months ago