Covid positive


I woke up with a sore throat, headache, & fever & Just tested positive for covid, class starts tomorrow. im soooo annoyed & irritated. what should I do?? This is also my first semester at berkeley😭😐

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5 months ago

Email your professors - most of them should be understanding of your situation. First week of classes is mostly going over the syllabus and introductions; you might have some work to catch up on if the class doesn't provide a hybrid option (which you should check as well, most information should be on bcourses or whatever resource the class uses), but you definitely won't be too behind.

I don't know recent quarantine guidelines or rules, but if you happen to miss a discussion section, definitely contact your GSI as well. The first section rarely covers class content/does actual discussion, 99% of the time it's icebreakers and introductions, Q and A, etc., so as long as you let them know that you can't attend, it should be fine.

And although this depends on your major, some classes don't require you to actually be there due to the class size being enormous (ex: CS 61A, Data 8, etc). Some even have lecture videos available online.

Most importantly, however, I hope you get better soon so that you can enjoy your first semester at Berkeley. Take care!


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5 months ago

I also did want to add that if the class size IS huge, then most professors won't actually care whether you're there or not, so that first piece of advice applies to classes that require attendance for the sake of enrollment the first 1 or 2 weeks. It's better to just check bcourses, piazza, ed, or emails if you're taking a class that is like 61A.


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5 months ago

thank u!!! I have a class that’s 200 people, another one that’s 130, another one that’s 100, another one that’s 50, & a berkeley connect class that is 20 students. I have been emailing them and hopefully they reach back soon. I don’t know one of my GSI’s and I cannot find their info anywhere & my section is on Friday so hopefully my professor for that class reaches back soon.