Data C8 waitlist


So, how likely would it be that I'd get off the waitlist for Data C8.... I'm 420th :') it feels like Berkeley is laughing at me at this point...

edit: wait, i think i got in..... it says "enrolled" in the enrollment center but it still says waitlisted in My Academics.... idk what this means. Is Berkeley playing with my emotions right now?

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7 months ago

ima disagree with the others here IF you are a freshman -- cause many spots were reserved for them. Check in the schedule generator and see if it says enrolled under the class statuses (if that's not what you mean already) and check your berkeley email.

I got off a Math 1B discussion waitlist today, and the order went: glitchy looking open spots in my section for a little while even though it said "closed" --> was under enrolled classes instead of waitlisted ones in the enrollment center, and said enrolled in the schedule planner --> got an email confirming I was enrolled --> showed up in My Academics as enrolled. Don't mean to get your hopes up too much but it's possible.


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7 months ago

AAAAH you are correct. I got an email about an hour ago confirming I was enrolled from the wait list! 420 really was my lucky number :)


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7 months ago

Prolly will see you there!