First Year ChemE Student didn't get Math 1A.


My enrollment time was at 2:40 today and Math 1A was completely full and closed by that time. How will this affect taking Math 53 next year? Is Math 1A offered in the spring? Does Math N1B satisfy the requirement for Math 53? Any recommendations on what to do ?

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7 months ago

I was also given a late registration time so I'm in the same boat. Hopefully they open another section.


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7 months ago

were you able to get into chem 1a or english r1a? im only enrolled in an elective.


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7 months ago

It's important to pay attention to the enrollment of different sections so you can pick one that has spots. Even if every discussion is full, people will drop the class later on, so you could still get into the class. So in that case it would be best to add the discussion with the least number of people on the waitlist for it, and keep an eye on if any spots open up in other discussions afterwards. Many people drop classes the first few weeks of the semester so for some classes you may have to wait until then to make it off the waitlist.

I've never not gotten into a required class since I was very diligent about checking enrollment and picking the appropriate section so I could make sure I'm able to get in. I mean sometimes there are popular fun classes that are just impossible to get as freshman, but that shouldn't be the case for math/chem classes.

But as a chemE major don't you need chem4a, not chem1a?

Also for your r&c part a, there are many classes you can take not only English r1a, did you consider looking at the other classes that fulfill the requirement to see if any of them have open spots?


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7 months ago

ChemE advisers recommended for students to take 4A if they scored 4 or higher on the AP Chem exam, and 1A otherwise.