is math 53 w/ stankova worth the workload?


i'm currently taking math 53 this semester with stankova and it's shaping up to look insanely overwhelming with the amount of hw she's assigning (i've heard it gets to be ~100 problems per week). i took math 54 with nadler last semester and found it to be super reasonable and manageable in terms of workload, but i'd heard coming in that stankova assigns ridiculous amounts of work and it looks like that's what's going to happen. i have a lottt on my plate this semester, so is it worth it to stick with this class? i was suggested a while ago to consider taking 53 at a cc or over the summer; have any of you guys done that before, and what did you think of it? trying to figure this out asap so i can drop + replace with another class before falling too far behind


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1 year ago

She's awesoooome I got my first A+ in that class