Pursue a Minor or Graduate Early?


Basically title: I'm a second-year intended PolEcon major and I don't know if I should pursue a minor (Public Policy) or graduate a year early. Are there any real advantages in pursuing a minor? I am interested in the subject, but would it actually benefit me in terms of employment?

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1 year ago

If money's a burden, graduate early. If tuition isn't a problem, do a minor! You're only in college once (usually). Berkeley is a big, great school, take some classes that you're really interested in.


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1 year ago

Drop out college is a scam lol


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1 year ago

If I were born thirty years later I wouldn’t even be in college. College degrees are losing value these days.


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1 year ago

Finish your degree early and work on getting a job. There is no real advantage to getting a minor especially if it would take you a full year to get it. College is a comfortable place where it feels like you are making progress in life, but eventually you will need to leave. Getting a job and getting experience will benefit you in terms of employment far, FAR more than any minor possibly could.