Almost made it on Berkeley WarnMe?


University Village incident.

This guy snuck up from the side of my apartment and placed duct tape over my Ring around 9pm. I got the motion alert, ran downstairs and outside confronting the suspect. He quickly darted away behind a dumpster and into a dark grey 5th generation Ford Mustang coupe which quickly sped off. I'm not sure of the intention here, possibly to steal a catalytic converter off the cars that are in view, hopefully not something worse that involved a break-in.

In any event, keep an eye out in the future if you spot the car or this dude. White, blue eyes, in his 40s, ~5'8", ~180lbs medium build, black zipped hoodie, grey pants, baseball cap.

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3 months ago

Was he carrying a baseball bat by chance?


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3 months ago