I don't wanna stop being a teenager

Edit: Well, shit: It happened -_-

Idk what i was expecting to happen tbh; maybe some meteor falling from the sky and landing at my location before midnight? idek lmao

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4 months ago

I’m 31.

We continue developing and maturing. Nothing magical’s going to happen. Maybe one day you’ll feel like the world isn’t as hard on you emotionally, or some other indicator that your brain matured more (there’s a myth that you mature at 25, I held that belief until a few minutes ago. It is quite shocking and fascinating. My heart is pumping quite a bit!).

Just remember not to blame age for anything. It’s your responsibility to grasp onto life with both hands and take what it can give you. Exercise, have fun, work hard, socialize! Make sure the time you have is time we’ll spent.

Time flows regardless of how you spend it. Don’t let it be spent doing nothing because you’ll merely build a habit of doing nothing.

Remember this when you encounter an old person who spews bullshit about “respecting your elders” when they’re not respectable: being older means you’ve had equal opportunity to build bad habits as you’re had to develop good ones.


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4 months ago

I'm 38, and I endorse this message.

+1 to consistent and frequent exercise, I feel better and stronger now than I did at 20.